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Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
 Worship Videos 

10/04/2020  Worship  The Problem with Lousy Tenants   Pr. Brenda Bos 

Matthew 21:33-46  We're definitely the new tenants but how well are we managing the property?


10/11/2020  The Guest at the Banquet  

Matthew 21:1-14  The Parable of God's Wedding Party   Who's the guy who won't wear a wedding garment?


10/18/2020  Worship  Faith & Politics  

Matthew 22:15-22  Not just Democrat or Republican but Christian

10/25/2020 Worship  Knowing Things Changes You

John 8:31-36 The process of growth is order, disorder, reorder. From the disorder of the pandemic, what have we learned? Love should be our guide toward reorder.

11/08/2020  Worship  Try Wait

Matthew 25:1-13  The Parable of the Foolish Bridesmaids   We need to be ready and do our job.

11/01/2020  All Saints Day Worship  Saint Don of Long Beach

Matthew 5:1-12  News Flash:  As believers, we are saints. Where's the guidebook for living in the Kingdom of God? 

11/15/2020 Worship  Hidden Talent

Matthew 25:14 - 30  The Parable of the Talents  Let's read this again.

11/22/2020 Worship  The Royal Law

Matthew 25:31 - 46 The Last Judgment - Sheep and Goats

Salvation checklist or a better rule

11/29/2020  Worship  Waiting for Light

Mark 13:24 - 37  Advent: The Coming of Our Lord   It's time.

12/06/2020 Worship  A Way in the Wilderness

Mark 1:1 - 8 John the Baptist cries out. How to walk through the wilderness.

12/13/2020 Worship  The Light Over the Barnyard

John 1:6 - 8, 19-28 John the Baptist addresses the Pharisees

12/20/2020  Worship  When the Men Are Silent

Angel Gabriel speaks to Mary.  We should listen

12/24/2020  Christmas Eve Worship  Our Down to Earth God

Holy Smoke!  God's here.

12/27/2020  Worship  A Service of Lessons and Carols

Through Word and Voice we celebrate the birth of Jesus

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