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03/03/2021 Fratelli Tutti sections 175 - 189

Politics  “In the face of many petty forms of politics focused on immediate interests, I would repeat that “true statecraft is manifest when, in difficult times, we uphold high principles and think of the long-term common good. Political powers do not find it easy to assume this duty in the work of nation-building”, much less in forging a common project for the human family, now and in the future.

03/10/2021 Fratelli Tutti Sections 190 - 210

Politics & Dialogue: “Indeed, “in a true spirit of dialogue, we grow in our ability to grasp the significance of what others say and do, even if we cannot accept it as our own conviction. In this way, it becomes possible to be frank and open about our beliefs, while continuing to discuss, to seek points of contact, and above all, to work and struggle together”.

03/17/2021 Fratelli Tutti Sections 211 - 230

"The path to social unity always entails acknowledging the possibility that others have, at least in part, a legitimate point of view, something worthwhile to contribute, even if they were in error or acted badly."

03/24/2021 Fratelli Tutti Sections 231- 262

Solidarity and justice for the nations

03/31/2021 Fratelli Tutti Sections 263 – 284

The death penalty, life imprisonment and violence

04/07/2021 Fratelli Tutti Sections 285 - End

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