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Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
 Worship Videos 

06/28/2020 Worship  To Give and To Receive  Matthew 10:40-42  When we give to the least of these, we are blessed.

06/21/2020  Worship  Be Not Afraid  Matthew 10:24 - 39   Act on your faith.  Remember the kingdom of God is at hand

06/14/2020 Worship  Harassed and Helpless  Matthew 9:35 - 10:8  Isn't the purpose of our faith to unite us. If so, what's it like to be a Christian.

06/07/2020  Worship   Not Tolerance But Amazement  Genesis 1:1 - 2:4  The creation story and the Trinity help explain our world

05/31/2020  Worship  When the Spirit Speaks   John 20: 19 - 23  It's Pentecost.  The Holy Spirt comes.  What are you hearing?

05/24/2020  Worship  A Prayer for Us  John 17:1 - 11  The Other Lord's Prayer   Jesus teaches us prayer isn't so much about me as trusting in God's will.  Nevertheless it changes us.

05/17/2020 Worship  The Capo D'astro Bar  John 14:15-21  Christianity as life rather than pretense.

05/10/2020  Worship - Goodbye Old God: John 14:1-14  The Apostles want to know the way to Heaven.  Jesus tells us.

05/03/2020 Worship - Abundantly Alive  How sheep can find the pasture.

04/26/2020 Worship - Christ is with Us  Jesus appears to travelers after his resurrection.  They don't recognize him, perhaps we don't either.

04/19/2020 Worship - Wounds and Doubts and Overlooked Things This is story of Doubting Thomas. This is really a result of forgiveness unlocking transformation. 

04/12/2020  It is an Unexpected Easter during dark times, much like the first Easter.

04/10/2020  We gather to reflect upon the crucifixion of Jesus and sacrifice.

04/05/2020  Our worship encompasses a reading of the passion story, compiled from Gospels.Our worship encompasses a reading of the passion story, compiled from Gospels.

03/29/2020  The God Who Weeps  John 11:1-45  This is the story of Jesus and Lazarus.  We take comfort in a god who weeps for us.  Pastor Beckham

03/22/2020  Jesus heals the blind man but there are other times that light overcomes the darkness.  

03/15/2020  The Woman at the Well is a story of changing times.  A little like now.  It's Unusual.

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